Louis White

Louis White

Author, Journalist, Founder of White Tiger Media

“I never plan to retire . . . I plan to write, always.”

I’ve been fascinated by story-telling since I first learned to write.  I write stories to deliver enjoyment and inspiration, to uncover and share truths, to push myself, to earn a living, and because I simply love to write.

Book Publishing

White Tiger Media was started with the intent of publishing children’s and adult fiction books from authors no matter where they reside. This is still the aim. Reading and writing are two of the most important skills in the world and that will never change.

White Tiger Media wants to expand its publishing remit to include both new and established writers and authors so their voice can be heard and recognised.

The excitement of publishing

Interested in publishing something yourself?

Whether you want to publish a book, a report, a magazine or even a brochure; it is an exciting journey which culminates with the thrill of holding the first copy, hot off the press. There’s nothing quite like it.

We can make that happen for you.

White Tiger Media is a virtual alliance of publishers, editors, writers, designers, illustrators, photographers and production specialists who come together for specific projects. We work closely with you, selecting the right people for your specific project, and manage the project all the way through to ensure deadlines, quality and budgets are maintained.

The joy of fiction

Writing novels is both a privilege and joy. Allowing others to enter into your magical journey of imagination, creation, and suspense, is a shared pleasure.

The children’s books series focus on one character Lily, with each book focusing on a very clear educational theme. They explore Lily’s immediate environment, where we see Lily’s determination and instinct in action.

Blue Skies for Lily, Lily and the Butterfly, and Lily and the Ant, explore the importance of insects in the survival of humanity. Lily and the Dragon looks at relationships, compassion, and the need to be understood, while A Christmas Story explores the joy of giving.

All children’s books are issue-rich storybooks creating a platform for parents to broach important topics with their children.

The two adult books, Sandcastles and One Season, although very different in nature, explore human nature and the choices we make in our daily lives and the resultant repercussions. Both books ask questions of what humans want and need in life and where those decisions take us, as well as the intended - and unintended - subsequent consequences.

The thrill of journalism

The thrill of journalism comes in the written word. No greater pleasure can be derived than telling a story of a complex nature in simple, easy-to-read language that entertains, informs, and educates its audience.

Writing books is simply long-form journalism. After all, you are still telling a story, just in more detail and let’s be honest, fiction generally comes from non-fiction.

My writing has expanded over the years to incorporate a variety of different communication styles and techniques including business plans, strategic documents, White Papers, Board reports, investment presentations, brochures, eBooks, annual reports, newsletters and of course ghost writing.

I have also consulted on how to use the media to your advantage to big and small businesses, both local and international. Crisis communications is another area of specialty.

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